Learning MySQL

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced database programmer, this book has something for you. If you only get one book on mySQL then get this one because it has everything you need.

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It is not often that you find a technical book that has the depth of coverage and logical structure that can be found in this one.

For the newcomer to mySQL databases it introduces the basic SQL (Structured Query language - pronounced "sequel") commands and demonstrates how to use them. It even covers some of the basics of how to design your database although detailed information on how to "normalize" a database is missing.

For those who already have some basic SQL knowledge the book also covers the more advanced areas such as how to manage users and privileges, backup/recovery, and database tuning. By applying this information you can make even the largest database secure with fast response times.

As an added bonus the book also demonstrates the correct way to use mySQL with either PHP or PERL and even includes a complete working example script that shows exactly how it all fits together.

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