Software Licence

  1. The purchase of this software entitles the purchaser to the use of all of the supplied scripts/web pages on web sites belonging to the one person or company only. If you are purchasing for use on your own web site(s) then you hay use the code on any or all of the sites owned by you. If you are a developer purchasing the software to incorporate into something that you are developing for one of your own clients then you may use the purchased software in any development that you do for that one client. If you wish to use the software for development work that you are doing for multiple clients then please contact Felgall Pty Ltd for special pricing.
  2. You are entitled to use the supplied software for use on your own site or as part of a larger development project for a specific client only. You may not give away or sell the software either by itself or as a part of a larger package.
  3. As all of the supplied material is in an electronic format no refunds are available after the product has been sent to you.
  4. Provided that you have web hosting that will support the software, I will provide any/all assistance that you need to install the base product that you have purchased onto that web hosting. If your particular web hosting handles things slightly differently than the standard hosting that the script is known to work on then I will undertake to make the necessary modifications to the script to handle those differences. You may need to give me temporary access to your hosting in order for me to be able to resolve such issues.
  5. All software comes complete with any upgrades/enhancements that I make to the software within 12 months of the purchase date. A link to the page where you can request the updates is provided to you in the email that had your software attached.
  6. Should you find a bug in the software (and all software has bugs) then I will make whatever changes are needed to remove that bug from the current version of the software.
  7. You may make whatever changes that you wish to the copy of the software that you are using on your site subject to any conditions specified within the individual files. Please contact Felgall Pty Ltd for a quote if you require assistance and/or support in making those changes.
  8. Some of the software is sold at a reduced price in return for the display of a "built by" logo and link back to Where the software has this requirement you may only remove that link after the payment of an additional fee. Please contact Felgall Pty Ltd in order to arrange payment and assistance if you require the removal of this link.
  9. Felgall Pty Ltd offer no guarantees that the software can be used for any particular purpose. The demo versions that are provided for you to view on my site give an indication of the intended purpose and use of each script. Whether I am prepared to provide assistance in adapting a script to your requirements and what charge (if any) I would make for doing so depends on exactly what your requirements are. Any adaptations done at no charge may be incorporated into the latest version of the script that is available for others to purchase from me.

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