Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks

This book contains everything you need to set up a computer to run Ubuntu Linux. The instructions provided should enable even computer novices to convert their computer operating system.

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This is a book on installing and using Linux that is written specifically for the average computer user. The book presents the essential material in ordinary everyday language and assumes no prior knowledge of operating system installation.

The book starts out with a description of what Ubuntu Linux is and how to try it out without overwriting your existing system. It then moves on to how to install it either stand alone or dual boot with your existing system. There is even a CD included with the book that has all of the necessary software on it to perform these tasks.

The rest of the book then covers installation of all of the common sorts of hardware that your system is likely to have and all of the different common sorts of application software that you are likely need on your computer (much of which is included on the CD). How to download and install other software is also covered.

The book concentrates on the types of software that the typical computer user wants to run on their desktop so all of the more advanced topics that many Linux books cover that go straight over the heads of the typical computer user will not be found in this book.

This is an excellent book for anyone looking to try out Linux as an alternative to their current Windows or Mac operating system and contains everything that you need to know to set up an equivalent Linux system.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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