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question: I'm trying to install windows 98 on a computer that has linux on it. This is what happens. Windows 98 cd is in the drive, start the computer, select the start with cd-rom option, goes to A:/, then I type fdisk, goes to an enable large disk support option and I've selected both yes and no many tries, after I selected either way a list of 4 options come up I select 3. Delete partition or Logical DOS Drive, then it goes to another list of 4 options which I select 4.Delete Non-Dos Partition and after that a screen comes up with Delete Non-Dos Parton on top and underneath it says Current fixed disk drive:1 and at the bottom it says: press Esc to return to FDISK Options and nothing works. I have to restart to do anything again and even when I select to install windows 98 option it gives the option to delete the non-dos partition but still locks up and doesn't work. All I want to do is get windows 98 on there and totally erase linux.
Thank you

Answer:Windows fdisk can't remove the linux partition because it doesn't understand the format that linux uses. To delete linux just start a linux install and when you get to the partitioning step you can use the delete option there to remove the linux partitions and then cancel the installation. Alternatively if you have a linux boot disk then boot the computer using this and run the linux version of fdisk which is quite different from the windows version.

The other thing that you need to do (unless you are using a third party boot manager) is to use the windows version of fdisk to run fdisk /mbr to remove the linux boot loader from your master boot record.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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