Dual Booting and Partitions

Question: In order to dual boot linux and windows, which of the following partitions do I need to have?

Answer: You need to have /swap (this is the equivalent to having the windows swap file in its own partition - Linux always uses a separate partiton for this). You also need to have / (the root directory is indicated by a slash by itself without the word root).

Whether or not you need yet another partition for /boot depends on how big your hard drive is and the location of the root partition. Provided that the partition containing / actually starts within the first 8Gb of the drive you will not need a separate /boot partition. If / does not start within the first 8Gb of the drive then you will need to create a separate /boot partition that is within the first 8Gb. This partiton will not need to be very large (64Mb should be more than enough).


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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