A utility program is one that provides housekeeping functions, or which adds functionality or improves the performance of your operating system and/or applications. While most operating systems these days contain many of the functions that used to be provided by add on utilities, there are still many more that can be added to improve the performance and user friendliness of your system. The following are links to some that you might find useful. Other links to sites that may help you improve the functionality or performance of your system are also included.


Your system BIOS contains the instructions that run when you start your computer that load the operating system and provide the low level routines that enable the operating system to communicate with your system hardware.

The various BIOS use beep codes to tell you what is wrong with your system if the video system wont start. For what these codes mean go to this site on Troubleshooting BIOS Beep Codes


The best place to get the latest Bios upgrade and other software specific to your system is direct from the manufacturer of your motherboard. They also have information about how far you may be able to upgrade your existing system. Here are links to a few of these sites.

You might also want to check out Motherboards.org who claim to be the most comprehensive motherboard site on the web.


Bug Fixes and Upgrades



File Compression

Free Graphics Software

Browser Plug-Ins


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