Online Marketing Inside Out

This book clearly explains many different aslects of online marketing and how to use them together effectively.

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This is an excellent book for anyone either just starting out in online marketing or whose prior efforts have been unsuccessful due to their not really knowing what they were doing. Many people equate Online Marketing with search engine optimisation and this book clearly demonstrates how untrue that viewpoint is as only one of the nine chapters deals with that topic.

Online marketing uses a terminology (jargon) all of its own which makes a lot of what is happening sound overly complicated and mysterious to those who don't understand it. This book clears up that mystery by clearly explaining what all of the terminology really means and how each relates to marketing. This in itself will dramatically assist would be marketers who will be able to understand far better what the statistical results that they are seeing about their web site and marketing campaigns really mean.

This is a modern book covering current opportunities for marketing on the web which will allow you to direct your maqrketing efforts in the directions that are currently the most approriate and not waste time on methods that may have worked several years ago but which are no longer effective today.

The book doesn't lose sight of the fact that online marketing is only one half of your overall marketing strategy and while the book doesn't cover how to approach your offline marketing (as that isn't the subject of the book), it does draw parallels between the equivalent online and offline techniques. The reader should therefore have no trouble in determining appropriate offline campaigns to support the online ones so as to build an integrated marketing campaign to maximum effect.

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