Moving Processing to a PC

Question: We receive print image (line by line) data that currently is processed on a mainframe. In the near future, the mainframe will be disabled and all processing will occur on PCs. I need to find software capable of reading/processing this type of input.
Lou Petrone

Answer: I don't have an exact answer to your question but I offer the following suggestions on how to find the answer for yourself.

First, you need to find the documentation for the existing mainframe program and work out whether the program is something that your company purchased to do the job (a software package) or if it is a program that was written specifically to perform this task. This should be obvious from the documentation.

If it is a software package then it is quite possible that the developers or suppliers of that package have also developed a PC version of the same software or should at least be able to assist you in finding out if such a product exists. The documentation should contain information on how to contact them.

If the program was written specifically to perform that task then you're going to have to get the software converted to run on a PC. In this case the source code for the program is probably available which will hopefully make the task of creating a new PC version much quicker and easier. Hopefully there will be someone available who can do this for you. Depending on how long ago the program was written, the original programmer may still be around.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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