MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0

This program might be able to recover lost files for you but there are far superior alternatives available that don't have any of the issues this program created for me and which are far simpler to use.

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This program downloaded and installed simply enough but when it got to the point of actually trying to run the program all I got was an error message "CreateProcess failed: code 14001. The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect". This error occurred no matter how I tried to run the program.

The problem turned out to be that the program has come into conflict with the security settings on the computer wanting access at a level that my computer is configured to not allow any program to run at. I confirmed this by turning off the security program that I suspected was blocking this program from running. This means that the program is poorly written because it is asking for a higher level of access than it actually needs as I recently tested another data recovery program without having any issues beyond needing to run it with administrator access while this one requires super administrator access to the entire system (just like ransomeware needs in order to encrypt all your files).

Having eventually got the program to run I realised that it had in fact overwritten the prior version of the program that I had installed some time previously and that I now had two separate versions of the program that in fact both pointed to the current version. The program head failed to recognise that a prior version was installed and uninstall that first and had simply overwritten the earlier version making a mess of the list of installed programs (fortunately this could be fixed by simply uninstalling both versions one after the other).

The program presents a number of options without any clear explanation of what the difference between the options actually is. When I did select an option to see what it presented next, I got a list of drives and partitions that appeared completely jumbled. It showed the two drives I have installed but it showed the E and F partitions both on the smaller drive whereas I moved the F partition to the larger drive some time ago. The program did not show a second partition on the larger drive (that being the partition where all of my data is actually installed and the one that I would be most likely to want to search for lost files).

See MiniTool Power Data Recovery for more about this product.

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