Netscape and Firefox

  1. Why Doesn't my page Display Properly in Netscape (for webmasters)
    Fixing page display problems that affect your visitors who use Netscape.
  2. Filtering Spam in Netscape Mail
    Sorting your emails to separate the spam.
  3. Turning off Java and/or Javascript in Netscape
    Enabling and Disabling Java or Javascript in Netscape.
  4. Importing and Exporting Bookmarks
    How to transfer your favourites/bookmarks between browsers.
  5. Bypass Netscape Activation
    How to bypass the Activation screen when you reinstall Netscape.
  6. What is Mozilla?
    Mozilla is the open source browser upon which Nescape 6+ is based.
  7. Changing the Home Page?
    How to change the home page to something other than
  8. Converting to IE
    How to move from Netscape to Internet Explorer.
  9. Converting from Outlook Express
    How to move from Outlook Express to Netscape Mail.
  10. Build your own Spam Filter
    Creating your own Spam Filter in Netscape or Mozilla Mail.
  11. Selecting a Different Profile
    Choosing between different profiles when you start Netscape.
  12. Importing Security Certificates
    How to import a security certificate into Mozilla Thunderbird.
  13. Extending Firefox
    The Firefox browser has lots of functionality built in and also provides a facility to make it easy to add additional functionality.
  14. Firefox Extension Version Updates
    When you upgrade Firefox some extensions may stop working. If the only reason is a version number mismatch then there's a simple way to fix it.
  15. Thunderbird Not Displaying Emails
    When your emails stop displaying in Thunderbird all the pages seem to suggest rebuilding the indexes as the fix. Here we look at an alternative cause that rebuilding doesn't fix.

If you have a different Netscape question please ask Felgall.

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