1. The Opera Menu and Button Bars
    Opera has many options available from the button bars at the top of the browser window.
  2. Defining Your Own Style Sheet
    How to get all web pages appearing using your own stylesheet.
  3. Selecting your own Source Editor
    Selecting the editor that you will use to view page source.
  4. Handling Web Pages that don't recognise Opera
    To resolve the problem of web pages that only recognise IE or netscape, Opera can change its identifier as required.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts
    If you want a web browser that has a keyboard shortcut pre-configured for every occasion then Opera is what you are looking for.
  6. Opera 7
    With version 7 Opera comes of age.
  7. Opera Menu Vanished
    How to bring back the menu bar if it has vanished.
  8. Popup Blocker
    Opera contains an excellent popup blocker built right into the browser, you just have to configure it right.
  9. Use Any Useragent in Opera 12
    Just as with Internet Explorer and Firefox, you can now set the useragent to anything at all in Opera.
  10. Opera on Webkit
    A new version of Opera but not yet a replacement for the prior version.
  11. Opera 15+ Review
    Now that the new Opera has had time to add plenty of features I give my opinion on where they are at.

If you have a different Opera question please ask Felgall.

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