NVU Tutorials

The following series of tutorials will introduce you to coding web pages using the free NVU web editor.

  1. Installing NVU
    How to get NVU and install on your computer.
  2. Configuring NVU
    Setting up NVU to work the way you want.
  3. Selecting and Loading a Template
    NVU is easiest to use for beginners if you find a page template from somewhere to use as a starting point.
  4. Updating a Template
    Whichever template you use will need to have some of the placeholder text replaced with your own fixed content to appear on each page.
  5. Replacing Foreground Images
    The template you start with may also have some images that need to be replaced.
  6. Replacing Background Images
    Updating backgrounds in your template requires a different approach from that for foreground images.
  7. Creating Pages from your Template
    Once you have built your page template it is time to start creating web pages.
  8. Title and Meta Data
    While these don't show in the page they are important for describing what your page is about.
  9. Adding lists and Links
    Not everything in your content will be headings and paragraphs of plain text.
  10. Adding Images
    You probably already have some images as part of your page template but on some pages you will want to add images specific to that page.
  11. Publishing Your Site
    Once you have the pages ready on your computer you need to upload them to your site.

Don't forget to come back here as there are still lots more tutorials in this series still to come.

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