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  • Problem Solving
    The other half of how to write programs.
  • Basics and Reference
    An introduction to adding JavaScript to your web pages plus useful references.
  • Introductory JavaScript Tutorials
    A series of tutorials for beginners.
  • Then and Now
    Information on how to update your old scripts.
  • Homework Help
    Comparing historical and modern answers to typical homework questions.
  • Form Processing
    Using JavaScript to validate and manipulate your forms.
  • Date/Time Processing
    Date and time manipulation is easy when you build on the Date object.
  • Hints and Tips
    JavaScript can manipulate frames, windows, images and much more.
  • Methods
    There are a range of functions and methods built into JavaScript that are very useful.
  • Web Page "Protection"
    The most effective ways of 'protecting' your web page content and why they don't work.
  • Prebuilt Scripts
    You don't have to code all of your JavaScript yourself. Here are some scripts we have written that you can use.
  • Prebuilt Quiz Scripts
    These quiz generators make it easy to add quizes to your site.
  • Prebuilt Unobtrusive Scripts
    More pre-built scripts. These ones use modern coding techniques to keep the JavaScript completely separate from your HTML and stylesheet.
  • Book Reviews
    Compare JavaScript books at a glance.

In addition to these JavaScript you will find some additional simple JavaScript used in some of the coding solutions offered on the HTML page. Some functions can't be performed entirely on the client and so you may also need to use server side processing as described on the interactive web page.

For more help in setting up your own web site check out these Webmaster Links.

Most browsers today understand JavaScript. JavaScript is a client side programming language that you can use to enhance your web pages and to enable your web pages to interact with your visitors.

Unlike server side programming languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, and ColdFusion which run on the computer that stores your web pages, JavaScript is run by the browser on the computer that your visitor is using to view your page. This means that the individual visitors have a choice whether the JavaScript will run. Of course running JavaScript can't do them any harm and if they don't run them they miss out on all of the nice features that you have added to your site that require JavaScript. That is their choice but they are still likely to blame you if your pages don't work because they have JavaScript turned off so make sure you tell them.

The pages in this section tell you about JavaScript and what you can do with it. There are pages that show you how to create JavaScript to perform certain functions and even complete JavaScript that you can plug straight into your page.

Many of the pages in this section contain working examples that show you how the JavaScript code discussed on the page actually function. Of course these will only work if you are viewing the pages with JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Over the years I have produced many different versions of some of my scripts that have been published on a number of different sites. This list of all my scripts will help you to find the latest version of each of the scripts.

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