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The forums I visit have many visitors who are asking for assistance with their JavaScript homework. In many cases it is easy to tell just from the type of question being asked that the course is a history class rather than a programming class as a modern JavaScript solution would look completely different from the type of answer that the person teaching that class obviously expects. Also the JavaScript solution to the question would often be well beyond what is being taught in that class making it really obvious that there is no way that the student could be reasonably expected to provide a real world solution to the problem. Often I expect the real world solution to the problem would be beyond the ability of the person teaching the class given how many history of JavaScript classes are actually run as if the code being taught was actually going to be useful today.

In this series we are going to look at a number of JavaScript homework problems given to students in history of JavaScript classes and compare the solution that their course expects them to give and also how you would achieve the same result using JavaScript. In each case the particular solutions given will be only one variant of both the historical and JavaScript code and other similar variants may exist. In each instance where other variants do exist the alternative JavaScript solutions will be much closer in appearance to the solution that I present than they are to the historical code. In some cases an historical answer that would meet the specific limitations imposed by the given history teacher would result in so many different possible historical answers (based on how much JavaScript is allowed) that I haven't provided one for comparison as I am sure that whatever I produced would include at least one actual JavaScript command that would not be allowed.

You are most welcome to send me JavaScript homework questions that you have been asked (after you have completed the homework) to have those questions added here.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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