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  • Problem Solving
    The other half of how to write programs.
  • Personal Web Site
    Share your interests and hobbies with others with your own web presence. These pages will guide to getting started quickly without having to even learn HTML.
  • Bravenet Services
    You don't need server side access to use server side scripts, Bravenet host a whole suite of services on their servers that you can use.
  • ISPs and Hosting
    Connecting to the Internet and Setting up a Web site.
  • WordPress
    How to set up and customise a WordPress site.
  • Learn PHP
    A series of tutorials for those who already have some scripting experience.
  • PHP Security
    A series of tutorials on how to make your PHP more secure.
  • Using PHP
    The most common language available that runs on cheaper web hosting.
  • mySQL
    A database to store your data.
  • Prebuilt PHP Scripts
    Want server side scripts running on your server but don't want to build them yourself? Here are some that we have built.
  • Other Plugins and Server Side Scripting
    Covering plugins and server side languages other than PHP

The growing number of pages on the site dealing with web programming beyond HTML and JavaScript deserve a page of their own so here it is.

A static web site that never changes means that after one or two visits your visitors have seen all that there is on your site that they want to see and they will return no more. To get them to keep coming back your site needs to be constantly changing.

A constantly changing site does not necessarily mean that you have to be continually adding new pages and updating the existing ones (although that is one way to do it). A much easier solution is to offer a means for your visitors to interact with your site. There are a whole lot of different services that you can add to your site that will serve this purpose. Some services make it easier for you to make quick changes to your content (blogs) or communicate with past visitors (newsletters). Other services such as guestbooks and forums allow your visitors to add their own comments to your site or even to hold extended discussions amongst themselves.

There are three ways that you can get services such as these for your site - you can make them yourself (and the pages on server side scripting may assist you in how to do this), you can use a pre-built solution that runs on your site, or you can use externally hosted services. The advantage of this third option is that your web hosting doesn't have to support server side scripting and databases in order for your services to work. The downside of external hosted services is that your services will either display advertising or will require regular payments on your part to obtain a pro version where the advertising is removed. The customisation of the service to match the appearance of your site may also be limited particularly in the "free" versions of the services.

When I first created this web site I started using the free versions of many of the Bravenet services to provide the interactive functions for the site. These were then upgraded to the Pro versions before I finally reached the stage of moving the site to its own domain and creating replacement scripts of my own. If you are just starting out then you should follow a similar path.

Of course if you don't have much background with computers then where I started may even be too advanced for you. If you find even HTML to be too difficult then "Personal Web Site" will show you how to get on the web without it.

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