Bravenet Services

  1. Your own Site on Bravenet
    Because bravenet offer more than just hosting, their hosting signup process is slightly more involved than other web hosts.
  2. Open Service in a Pop Up Window
    How to specify that a bravenet service should open in a new window.
  3. Retrieving your Site Ring Code
    How to get the code to reinstall your Bravenet Site Ring.
  4. Placing Past Newsletters on Your Web Site
    How to capture your Bravenet newsletter source to post it to a web page.
  5. Obtaining a Bravenet Forum
    How to get a your own Forum hosted by Bravenet.
  6. Obtaining a Bravenet Guestbook
    How to get a your own Guestbook hosted by Bravenet.
  7. Delete your Bravenet Account
    Get rid of those Bravenet services you no longer require.
  8. Backing up the Wizard
    You can back up web pages created with the Wizard in a couple of different ways.

If you have a different Bravenet Services question please ask Felgall.

We now have Package Deals to create and maintain your website for you.
(includes special prices for community groups and hobby clubs)

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