Personal Web Site

  1. Personal Web Pages
    What are personal web pages and why anyone ought to have their own web presence.
  2. Blogs
    A blog provides a simple free web presence for anyone just getting started on the web.
  3. Groups
    Set up your own community where people who share your interests can interact.
  4. Free Hosting
    If you want a proper web site then you need proper hosting. By allowing advertising on your pages you wont have to pay.
  5. Adding Interactive Services
    Add some interactive services and your visitors will have a reason to return.
  6. Site Rings
    Link your site with other sites with a similar theme by joining one or more site rings.
  7. Feeding Twitter
    You can automate feeding your blog posts to Twitter so as to reduce the need to add tweets manually..

If you have a different Personal Web Site question please ask Felgall.

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