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The PHP tutorials on this page assume that you have already used JavaScript in your web pages. They concentrate on the differences between how JavaScript and PHP work in order to help you learn PHP.

  1. Introduction to PHP
    Introducing a PHP course with a difference (this one assumes that you already know a scripting language such as JavaScript and concentrates on the ways in which PHP differs from other languages).
  2. PHP Variables
    The way you define and reference variables in PHP has a few differences from other languages.
  3. PHP Operators
    As with variables, PHP operators don;t work quite the same way as some other languages.
  4. PHP Decisions
    PHP supports additional ways of coding if and switch statements that you may not have come across in other languages.
  5. PHP Loops
    There are also more alternatives for creating loops.
  6. PHP Objects
    PHP is an object oriented language and so supports both classes and objects.
  7. PHP Scope of Variables
    Your PHP variables are local in scope unless you specifically make them global.
  8. PHP and Cookies
    There are a few extra options with processing cookies from PHP that are not available to JavaScript.
  9. Regular Expressions in PHP
    The differences between how JavaScript and PHP define and use regular expressions are relatively minor.
  10. PHP Super Globals
    Globals in PHP do not have true global scope.
  11. PHP Arrays
    PHP supports true associative arrays.
  12. Objects and Associative Arrays
    A look at the difference between objects and associative arrays.


  1. PHP Classes
    Introducing you to how to create classes in PHP.
  2. PHP Properties
    A look at the different ways that you can define properties of a class.
  3. Extending Classes
    Creating a child class to build on the functionality provided by a parent class.
  4. Class Constructors and Destructors
    How to define the code that needs to be run whenever an object is created or destroyed.

More tutorials still to come.

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