Cascading Stylesheet Help

In addition to the coding solutions listed in this section, you will find some additional solutions offered on the HTML, Javascript, and interactive web pages.

HTML should be used to define the content of your web page, Javascript should be used to define how it behaves. In between the two and interacting with both we have cascading stylesheets (also known as CSS). Stylesheets define the appearance of your web page.

Long gone are the days where you would use <font> tags to define the fonts to be used in your web page. Almost as long gone are the days of using align="center" to centre the content of your page. As for using tables for layout well that is so limiting as well as being a misuse of what tables are for. By using stylesheet commands to define the way that your web content looks as well as how the page is laid out you open up a number of possibilities that are not available any other way.

With all those advantages why would anyone NOT use stylesheets to define their page layout?

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Validate your HTML and CSS

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