Cascading StyleSheet Reference

Validate your HTML and CSS

The following pages give details of the various attributes that can be used with your stylesheets. The attributes listed are those available in the CSS2 standards and not all attributes are fully supported by all browsers. Note that some information is presented in more than one place in order to make it easier to follow.

  1. Font Controls
    Control the fonts used on your page with these attributes.
  2. Text Alignment Controls
    Control the alignment of the text on your page with these attributes.
  3. Text Controls
    Control other aspects of the appearance of the text on your page with these attributes.
  4. Margin and Padding Controls
    Control the margins and padding around the parts of your web page with these attributes.
  5. Border Controls
    Control the appearance of the border around parts of your page using these attributes.
  6. Size Controls
    Control the width and height of parts of your page using these attributes.
  7. Background Controls
    Control what appears behind the objects on your page.
  8. Positioning Controls
    Control where the object is placed on the page.
  9. Alignment Controls
    Control how the object aligns itself relative to other objects around it.
  10. Visibility Controls
    Control whether or not the object is visible and if so how much is visible.
  11. List Controls
    Control how lists are displayed.
  12. Table Controls
    Control how tables are displayed.
  13. Interface Controls
    Control how the mouse and the object having the focus on the web page appear.
  14. Display Control
    Define whether your tag is inline or block, list, table or whatever.
  15. Page Controls
    Control how and if the content will be printed.
  16. Content Controls
    You can mark up your content with section numbers and quotes with these controls.
  17. Aural Controls
    Control how the page will be spoken in talking browsers.

Validate your HTML and CSS

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