How to Build a Web Page Template

This series of tutorials will take you step by step through how to take a web page design and create a matching template into which you can plug your site content.

  1. Building a Template
    An introduction to what we are going to do showing the example we are going to create a template for.
  2. Starting your Template
    The HTML you need to start your web page template is always the same.
  3. Sectioning the Page
    An obvious place to start with adding customisation to our template is to break the page up into sections.
  4. Nav Bar Content
    The site will need some navigation links.
  5. Heading
    Each page needs a heading to identify what it is about.
  6. Framing the Content
    Our design has a content frame with its own sub-heading so we'll add that next.
  7. Adding Image Placeholders
    While the actual images in the finished pages may be different we should stick some placeholder images into the template so that it reserves the necessary space in the page.
  8. Adding the JavaScript
    Now that our template looks the way we want the next step is to get it to behave the way we want.

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