How to use CSS Tables

One way of controlling positioning in your web page is by using the table layout commands that CSS provides. The only disadvantage in doing so is that not all browsers support this part of CSS 2.1.

  1. Tables for Layout
    An introduction to what CSS tables are.
  2. Using CSS Tables
    How should you use layout tables.
  3. Creating Columns using Tables
    The simplest use for layout tables is to make two or more columns the same height.
  4. Multi-Row Grids
    You can also use CSS tables with multiple rows.
  5. Nesting Tables
    You can't span rows or columns in CSS but you can nest tables to achieve the same effect.;
  6. Positioning Content Within CSS Tables
    The table provides the overall structure for your page layout. Here's how to align the content to that structure.
  7. Table Properties
    There are a number of properties specific to tables that can assist you in setting up your layout.;
  8. Support for Older Browsers
    There are still some people who use old browsers that don't support CSS tables. Here's some thoughts on how to handle things for them.

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