Connecting Windows NT to the Internet

To use a modem to connect to the internet with a computer running Windows NT, you need the following:

The Remote Access Service (RAS) can be installed during a custom installation of windows NT or at any later time by going into the Control Panel to the network applet or right clicking on Network Neighborhood and selecting Properties.

To check if RAS is installed click on the Services tab. If Remote Access Service is not listed then click the Add button and scroll down and select it from the list. Click the OK button.

Place your NT install CD into your CD drive and select the appropriate path to Windows NT (eg. F:\i386). The RAS client software will now be installed onto your computer.

Once the appropriate files have been installed, the installation will check if any RAS capable devices are installed on the system. Unless such a device has previously been installed, you will now be asked if you want to install a modem. Once you reply Yes then you will be given the option of either letting NT try to autodetect your modem or of selecting it from a list. If you have a driver disk you should choose to select from a list and then click on the Have Disk button to load the driver from the disk. Having installed the driver for your modem you will now be asked to select the port that the modem is attached to (except if you autodetected it in which case NT already knows the port).

Once the modem is set up you are returned to the RAS installation process. The next step is to select the communication device to be used by RAS. You will probably want to select the modem that you just configured.

You next need to decide if you are setting up to allow outgoing calls only, incoming class only, or both. You need to allow outgoing calls in order to run the RAS client.

If you have configured a port for RAS then you should now be presented with a list of communications protocols to choose from. To be able to access the internet you need to select TCP/IP in order to be able to access the internet.

You have now finished configuring RAS. This is probably a good point at which to reboot your computer so as to have the new configuration applied and to get RAS to start.

Next you need to configure your connection to your ISP. To do this go into Dial Up Networking which you will find in the Accessories folder. Unless you have previously created a phone book entry you will be advised that the phone book is entry and it will then take you straight into the Add option.

You need to give each phone book entry a unique name. To create an entry you will need to provide some information on how the server that you are connecting to expects to communicate along with the phone number(s) that needs to be dialed in order to connect. If you are unsure of what to put in any of these fields you will need to check with your ISP as to what they need you to use.

Once your have properly configured your phone book entry you can select that entry from your phone book and dial into your ISP. Assuming that the configuration is right you should be able to connect successfully and can the start accessing the various parts of the internet using your browser, email program, ftp, telnet etc.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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