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Question: Hello there, I am having trouble accessing the internet on my home computer.

Unfortunately, dial up is the only internet service we can get where welive, so we have to deal with that, but for some reason, everytime I try to access the internet I get an error message that reads, "You have a digital phone plugged into your modem." I have not changed my connections or my phones and I have talked to AOL more than once and got nowhere with them. I finally canceled my AOL service and thought I'd try another provider, but I still end up with the same error message. This has even stumped our IT person here at work as well and I'm just totally frustrated with the problem. It doesn't seem to be my ISP, therefore, it must be my computer. Although, my Dell computer is only a little over a year old and I'm using Windows XP.

Answer: Some things to try.

  1. Make sure that there is no phone plugged into the modem (I assume there isn't or you would have already tried unplugging it).
  2. Try unplugging all of the phones you have on the same phone line and see if that makes any difference. If it does then one of the phones is causing the conflict.
  3. See if you can borrow a modem from a friend and see if the same error occurs. If not then there might be a problem with the modem.
  4. Look up how to reset the modem back to factory defaults in the modem instructions and see if that makes any difference.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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