Combining Networks

Question: Is it possible to network three computers using RJ45 (10baseT) between computers one and two and BNC/Coax (10 base2) between computers two and three?

Answer: You could build the network with 10baseT (or 100baseTX) network cards in computers one and two connected together either with a crossover cable or via a hub (if you want to allow for future expansion). You also need a second network card in computer two, this time one that supports 10base2. You connect this second network card to a similar one in computer three.

In effect you now have two physical networks with computer two acting as a bridge between the two. Provided that you assign each network card an ip address within the same local network, traffic between computers one and three sould be passed automatically to one another via computer two.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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