How do I Telnet?

question: "To implement proper password protection you start by telnetting into your server. Next you need to find out where you are (you can use the pwd command to do this). Relocate yourself to where you want the password protected directory to be and make your new directory. Relocate into the new directory and create a .htaccess file (don't forget the dot at the front of the name) using your favourite unix/linux editor (eg. vi) with the following contents..." quoted from password protecting a page.

Please take this "down a notch" How do I "telnet into my server"? pwd command, where? Sorry for the slowness but I'm a newbie. Thanks. anonymous

answer:There are a number of "services" that you can use in relation to the internet. These include email (which you access via a mail program), the web (which you access using a browser), ftp, and telnet.

A telnet program allows you to log on to another computer over the internet and process commands and run programs on that computer the same as if you were running the commands on your own computer. Of course most internet servers run a variant of UNIX (often Linux) and therefore the commands and programs that can be run need to be unix rather than windows ones.

Only some Internet Service Providers allow telnet access into their server. With those that do, you can connect in and take full control of the setup of your web site. Your ISP should be able to advise if they allow this and if so should be able to give you a set of instructions on how to connect. You will require a telnet program in order to be able to connect in to the server and enter the required commands. Some knowledge of basic UNIX commands would probably also be useful.


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