Selecting a Default Protocol

Question: Regarding NetBEUI on an XP local network, how do you make it the default protocol?. I can do it on Windows 98.
Michael Watson

Answer: Windows 98 (and also 95 and ME) are not intended to be full blown networking operating systems. As such they are unlikely to have more than one or two networking protocols installed. With only two protocols you can give one precedence over the other by nominating it as the default.

You can set the default protocol in these operating systems by right clicking on Network Neighborhood, then selecting Properties, then selecting the protocol that you want as the default and clicking the Properties button, then on the Advanced page select the Set this protocol to be the default protocol check box and click OK.

Windows NT (and its more recent versions 2000 and XP) were designed to be networked and so provide greater flexibility in setting precedence between the installed network protocols as there may very well be more than two protocols installed on some systems. Here you don't select the protocol that you want to be the default, instead you go to the Bindings page of the Networking properties notebook (while signed on with administrator access) and change the bind order to move the protocols that you want to have higher priority so that they are listed above those of lower priority. So to make NetBEUI the default just move it to the top of the list.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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