Installing a Printer

question: how can I install a printer for a network (I have a HP4040 LaserJet, and I want to connect it to about 10 computers that are in my office). I do have a pretty understanding on computers but all these computers are connected through the Ethernet cards and went I try to install my printer it is asking me for a path that I have no idea about. Can you guide in this matter please, thank you. Leonel Gallegos.

Answer: Are you connecting the printer directly to the network, via a printer hub on the network, or is it connected to one of the computers on the network? The last of these is the cheapest option but requires the computer to which the printer is connected to be on in order to allow the other computers to access it.

Let's assume that you configure your network with one computer that you name 'leonel' and attach the printer to that computer. You then set it to be shared with a name of 'hp4040'. This gives a path to the printer when setting up access from the other computers of '\\leonel\hp4040\'.

My understanding is that if you purchase the hardware to hook the computer directly into the network that hardware should come with the configuration software necessary to set up the path name to make the computer accessible to the network.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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