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Question: If my computer is networked with another in a small office, is it possible for the other computer to pull up things like personal emails, instant messaging, etc. without my knowledge? Help. I feel like someone is getting information this way and I need to know if it is possible.
Ann Herzig

Answer: What other computers on the network have access to on your computer depends on what you have configured your computer to share with the network. On computers running the various versions of Windows, shared drives and folders are indicated by a hand under the icon with a blue sleeve. If you go into My Computer any shared drives will be indicated with the hand. Right click and select Sharing... from the context menu to change a drive to Not Shared. Now go down through your folders and select those that you need to share and do the same in reverse by setting the specific folders to be shared. This will give the other computers on the network access to the contents of the specific folders but not the whole drive.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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