Linux on a Windows Network

To communicate between a computer running Linux and Windows computers on the same network you need to configure the Linux machine to run Samba. There are plenty of books and sites that tell you how to do this including an online one from O'Reilly so I wont repeat the information here. All of the copies of the information that I have seen say pretty much the same thing so one is as good as another when it comes to telling you how to load it.

Most likely your Linux distribution has a version of Samba supplied with it. If you prefer to install the latest version then you can get it from

Installing Samba is not the easiest of things to do on Linux but it can be rewarding once you finally get your Linux and Windows computers able to communicate with one another. Following are a few quirks that I noticed while trying to set up this connectivity on my local network.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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