Step By Step Network Your Computers & Devices

Provides detailed instructions on how to set up a home computer network. The primary emphasis is on Windows 7 but Vista and XP as well as Mac and Ubuntu are also covered.

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For anyone who has more than one computer or other device that can be networked, this book will provide a lot of what you need to know to get your home network set up to work as efficiently and securely as possible. While the main emphasis of the book is on Windows 7, all of the other operating systems that your devices might reasonably expected to use are also covered including how to get all of the different operating systems to work together on the one network.

The book covers all of the relevant topics in a logical order starting with how to configure your router, setting up user accounts, creating the network, customising sharing options, working with devices, streaming media, different operating systems, securing the network and finishing with troubleshooting.

If you just read through the book from cover to cover, some of the information may appear repetitive because each section is designed to stand alone. Where different operating systems have similar options for performing the same task those options get mentioned separately under each operating system. For some parts of the setup such as configuring the router there are too many different alternatives for the book to include them all.In these instances the book includes the instructions for a couple of different alternatives which together with the information supplied with the device should provide you with sufficient information to figure out how to deal with your specific device.

The book also covers a large number of Windows 7 only features which illustrates just how much Microsoft has done with that operating system to make it far easier to use as the basis for a modern home computer network.An entire chapter is also dedicated to media streaming which is possibly one of the most popular new uses for computer networks. The one aspect of streaming not covered is how to stream through onto a television.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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