Running DOS commands at the Windows NT Command Prompt

Although the Command Prompt in Windows NT/2000 uses an MS-DOS graphic for its icon, Windows NT does not have a DOS command prompt corresponding to that available in Windows 95/98/SE/ME. Instead Windows NT/2000 has its own command prompt which can be used to execute Windows NT commands.

These commands are for the most part similar to and equivalent to the corresponding DOS commands. Unfortunately, however, there are occasions when a particular command must be run at a DOS prompt and a Windows NT prompt just wont do.

To resolve this lack of a DOS prompt, Windows NT supplies the forcedos command. This command allows you to force a program to run in the MS-DOS subsystem which does exist on Windows NT but which is not otherwise accessible to the user. This command is necessary only for those MS-DOS programs not recognized as such by Windows NT as normal DOS programs will run in the hidden DOS subsystem without the intervention of the user.

To use this command to run your DOS command or program you need to type in your command as follows (entries shown between [] are optional):

 forcedos [/d directory] filename [parameters] 

The parameters that you can enter on the forcedos command are as follows:


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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