Changing Your Registration Details

When your operating system was first installed, two pieces of information Registered Owner and Registered Organisation were entered into the system. These names are used by most install programs and the about screens of various programs to display the information about who the various software on your computer has been registered to.

If you purchased the computer with the operating system already installed then the information in these fields will not be your information but rather whatever the technician working for your computer supplier felt like typing in when they did the install. This means that every time you install new software you will have to overtype these fields with the correct information and any existing software will display the wrong registration details in the about screen. This is not the end of the world but wouldn't it be nice to have your correct name being reported instead?

Well if you feel confident that you can edit the registry then changing this information is relatively simple. To get to the registry select Run from the Start menu and then enter Regedit into the text field and click on OK

Don't forget to take a backup of your registry before you start making changes. You do this by selecting Export Registry File from the File menu.

To find the entries that we want to change click on the + symbol to the left of the following entries to open each folder in turn. The location we are trying to get to is slightly different depending on which windows version you are running.

Windows or Windows NT

Next, instead of clicking the + next to it click directly on Current Version to open the associated data fields. You should find both Registered Owner and Registered Organisation in the list that comes up.

To change one of these entries, first click on the entry itself to select it then select Modify from the Edit menu. You can now type in your corrections and then click the OK button to save it. Repeat the process if you need to change the other field as well.

This will change the base registration details for your operating system. This should fix things for any future applications that you install but may not correct these details for applications that are already installed.

To correct the corresponding details that have been separately recorded for individual applications select Find from the Edit menu and copy the original content of one of the fields into the text input field, unselect keys and values (leaving only data selected), and click the OK button. This will find a further occurrence of this data value within the registry which you can then edit as previously described. Pressing the F3 button on your keyboard will then locate yet another occurrence. You will want to look at which folder each of these occurrences is found in to try to identify which application that the information is associated with. If you are not sure it is safer to not change one of these occurrences rather than risk corrupting your system by changing the wrong field.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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