Creating a Repair Disk

Recovering your Windows NT system after a problem is much easier if you have a current repair disk. You should also update the repair info stored with your operating system to make recovery easier if you misplace the repair disk. Its not a total disaster if you don't do this as you can always follow the instructions on the Repairing Windows NT page for info on how to rebuild your system. Having up to date repair information can save you time and effort when things do go wrong with your system (as they eventually will).

To store repair information and create a repair disk you need to log on to your system with administrator access. Next click on the Start button and select Run from the menu. The program that we want to run is called rdisk so type that into the input field and click on the OK button.

The "Repair Disk Utility" will run and a dialog box will open giving you the option to:

If you do need to repair your system at a later date you need to start the install process just as you did when you originally installed Windows NT but instead of pressing enter to do a brand new install press 'R' to tell the system that you want to try to repair the current installation. If you are lucky then the repair process will find the repair info stored on the hard disk and will effect repairs from that. If not then it will ask for the repair disk (which you will have saved in a safe place) and will be able to use that to effect repairs.

There is one other way that you can run the repair disk utility and that is to add /s to the command so that you enter rdisk /s into the input box instead of just rdisk. If you do this then the repair info on your hard drive will be updated straight away and you will then be given the opportunity of also creating a repair disk. This should be a slightly quicker way of achieving the same result as without the /s flag.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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