Printing Folder Contents

While DOS cane with the DIR command to print out a list of the contents of a given directory, there was no equivalent built into the Windows and Windows NT graphical environments to allow you to print the contents of a folder. We can rectify this lack by linking the DIR command to the right click menu so that we can use it to print the contents of a folder.

To install this new command you first need to open My Computer and then select Options from the View menu. You then need to select the File Types tab and scroll down the list of file types to find Folder.

To add a new command to the right click menu for this file type you need to first make sure that folder is selected in the list and then click on the Edit button. Next click on the Add button to add the new command. We want to call the new command Print so that is what you need to type into the Action field. The exact value to enter into the Application used to perform action field will depend on where you installed Windows NT. If you installed into the C:\winnt directory (the default for NT4) then the command will be something like this:

 c:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe /c dir /n /og > prn

You don't necessarily need the /n and /og parameters, you can substitute whichever dir parameters that you want to use with the dir command. You do need the /c parameter as that is what tells Windows NT to close down the command prompt once the directory command has finished.

Once you have entered the command press OK to save it and then Close to shut the Edit File Type window and again to close the Options window.

Now whenever you right click on a folder you will find Print in the menu and if you select that option a list of the contents of that folder will be produced and sent to your printer. The list produced will be the same as would be obtained if you selected the directory from the command prompt and typed the dir command there.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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