Turn off Error Reporting

Question: When a program becomes unresponsive it always sends microsoft a send error reporting thing. I was wondering how exactly do i disable it?

Answer: I have found several ways that you can turn off the error reporting or customize it so that it only reports for the programs you select.

Method one: Open the System applet from Control Panel, and select the Advanced tab. Near the bottom, click the Error Reporting button. You can enable or disable Error Reporting, or when you leave it enabled, you can specify which programs you want to exclude from being reported. This method leaves error reporting running but selects what if anything it is allowed to report.

Method two: Run Msconfig. Choose the Services tab and remove the check from the Error Reporting Service check box. Starting with the next time you reboot your system, the error-reporting service will no longer load.

You can also disable error reporting by updating the registry but the above methods are much safer to use.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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