Windows XP Administrator Account

The Administrator Account is not always visible on the login screen. A simple registry edit can make sure that the Administrator account is always listed making it easier to access when you need it.

To make this change first select the Start button and then select Run from the menu. You then type regedit.exe into the input field and then select the OK button.

The next step is to move through the registry to find the following entry:

Windows NT

If there is an entry there called Administrator then you need to update that entry otherwise you need to create and entry by that name andgive it a data type of DWORD. The entry should have a value of 1 to ensure that the account always appears in the account list on the logon screen. A value of 0 will remove that entry from the logon screen.

After making the change you will need to reboot the computer for the change to take effect.

As always you need to be extra careful when updating the registry to make sure that you are updating it correctly. Taking a backup before you start is always a good idea.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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