How To Fix Common Computer Errors

Frequent computer errors are a big menace. They not only waste valuable working time, but may also cause severe damage to your system files and may even leave your system unbootable. There are many types of computer errors. In this article, we are going to shed light on the causes of errors related to DLL, EXE and Driver files and what you can do to prevent these errors.

DLL Errors

DLL or Dynamic Link Library files are libraries of executable functions and codes that can be loaded and executed dynamically by your Windows operating system and various software applications installed on it to perform specific operations. In other words, DLLs are used to share a particular code or function across multiple applications.

There are hundreds of DLLs on your Windows computer and all your hardware and software depend on specific DLLs to perform their operations. Because of this there are many causes of DLL errors.

DLL errors may occur if:

EXE Errors

Exe files, such outlook.exe, svchost.exe, and iexplore.exe, are Windows executable files that are used by Windows to run various applications. EXE errors usually occur due to virus infections. Viruses alter file associations of EXE files in the registry. Due to this, whenever you try to launch a program or run an executable file, you may receive an error message.

Example of EXE Error Messages

Windows cannot find FileName.exe

Windows cannot find ProgramName. Make sure you typed the name correctly

Driver Errors

Drivers are software modules that are used to establish communication between programs and hardware installed on your system. In Windows, these files are represented by .drv and .sys extensions.

Driver errors usually occur due to:

Code 37, code 39, and code 10 error messages commonly occur due to driver problems.

How to Prevent and Fix Computer Errors

As you can see, most computer errors occur due to outdated files, virus infections and registry problems. To prevent and repair these errors, you have to fix their cause. Some of the steps that you can take to fix and prevent these errors are:

Computer problems, if ignored, can turn out to be quite expensive. Follow the tips discussed here to keep your PC healthy and free from errors.


This guest article written by James Ricketts

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