Installing on a large Hard Disk (>8Gb)

Earlier versions of Windows NT 4 (pre service pack 4) do not understand hard drives larger than 8Gb in size using the existing drivers. To resolve this requires that updated IDE drivers be installed before your computer installs the built in IDE support.

To do this you need to download the updated Atapi.sys from Microsoft's FTP server: and copy the file to a blank floppy disk. Run Atapi.exe on the disk and the new Atapi.sys file is extracted to the disk. Label the disk "Microsoft ATAPI Service Pack 4 IDE Driver."

Start your install using the three setup disks supplied with Windows NT. Note that you cannot install directly from an IDE CD-ROM because this installs IDE support in order to access the CD and doesn't give you a chance to over-ride it.

When asked if you would like setup to detect your mass storage devices, press "S" so that detection is skipped and you specify a mass storage device. The setup list of devices found should now list only <none>. Press "S" again and insert the Microsoft ATAPI Service Pack 4 IDE Driver disk that you created earlier and press ENTER twice. After setup reads the disk and list the Microsoft ATAPI Service Pack 4 IDE driver, press ENTER to accept the driver.

Your setup will now list the Microsoft ATAPI Service Pack 4 IDE Driver as an installed driver. If you have additional drivers for other mass storage devices, press "S" again and install them, otherwise press ENTER to continue setup.

The setup will continue as normal except for prompting you to insert the disk labeled "Microsoft ATAPI Service Pack 4 IDE Driver Support Disk" again at the copy phase after you have chosen or formatted a partition on a hard drive.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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