Reinstalling XP Without the CD

Question: I bought my Dell Inspiron 700m laptop from Dell about 3 years ago. I also bought Windows XP and many other programs with it. When it was delivered, all the programs and everything were already installed and I would like to reinstall my Windows XP right now but they didnt give me the cd (there were some cds that come with it but I'm pretty sure it's not the Windows XP cd). Please help me if there are any other ways to reinstall it (and I dont know much about computer also).
Poompak Kusawat

Answer: Each computer sold with a copy of Windows pre-installed must have either a copy of Windows on CD or a copy of the CD on the hard drive in order for the install to comply with Microsoft's licence. If it is supplied as an image on the hard drive then they are supposed to advise you of that so that you can immediately copy that to a cd before you start using the system. It should be a folder that contains exactly the same content as the Windows install CD that can be burned to a CD and is not the same format as you get when you actually install windows. If you didn't get either a CD or an image of a CD on the hard drive then what you have is a pirated copy of windows. As yiou paid for a legitimate copy you would need to go back to the place you bought it from and ask them to supply what you paid for.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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