Changing the DVD Drive Letter in Windows XP

By default the DVD drive in your computer picks up the next available letter after those assigned to the hard drives in your computer. What this means is that if you decide later to partition your drive or add extra drives that the drive letter for your DVD drive will then change which will break any links that you have to use with it. To avoid this happening we can reassign the drive letter for the DVD drive when we first set the computer up so as to move it well away from those letters likely to be used by hard drives. I made my DVD drive the V drive since that makes it easier to remember what the drive is.

To change the drive letter for your DVD drive on Windows XP you need to be logged in using an account with administrator access as the regular user accounts do not have sufficient access to make the change. You then need to open the Control Panel and select Administrative Tools. The tool that allows you to modify the configuration of your computer is called Computer Management.

Once the computer management program opens you see a list of the various components of the program down the left side with the right side displaying the associated configuration for the selected option. The option you need to select is Disk Management which will then display graphical representations of all your disk drives and other storage devices on the right. Your DVD drive should be one of the drives shown and you need to select that drive in order to apply changes to it.

Next step is to select the Action menu and then All Tasks which will finally bring you to the menu option that allows you to Change Drive Letter and Paths... which is the option that will allow you to change the current drive letter for your DVD drive or even add a second drive letter to provide multiple ways of accessing the same drive.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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