Installing USB support in Windows NT

Versions of Windows NT were around before the operating system was renamed to Windows 2000. These versions were also around before the introduction of the Universal Serial Bus and hence do not have support for USB built in.

Many people are now running Windows NT on computers that have USB and would like to be able to add USB devices to their computer. Microsoft would like these people to upgrade to a more recent version of the operating system and hence have not produced any way of adding USB support to NT. Fortunately other software producers have made up for this lack and are offering add-ons to provide this support. One such third party supplier is bSQUARE.

Note that the add-on USB support provided by third parties may not support all of the various USB devices that can be used with other operating systems where USB support is built in.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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