Default Services

The following services are started by default in most Windows NT installations.

Clipboard ServerProvides pages to the Clipboard Viewer. Can provide pages to clipboards on remote systems.
Computer BrowserMaintains a list of computers on the network.
Event LogAccepts event notifications from system processes and writes them to the event log.
MessengerDelivers messages sent by the Alerter Service.
Net LogonProvides user authentication when the workstation is part of a domain.
Network DDEProvides Dynamic Data Exchange for the network.
Network DDE DSDMManages DDE conversations across Network DDE.
NT LM Security SupportProvides security to RPC based applications running across various network transports.
RPC LocatorMaintains the list of available Remote Procedure Calls.
RPC ServiceHandles end point mapping and other miscellaneous control functions for RPC requests.
ScheduleSchedules services, activation and completion agents for the AT command.
ServerProvides additional RPC support including file, print, and other resource sharing.
SpoolerProvides print spooling and job notification functions.
UPSMonitors a connected UPS and on interruption of mains power arranges an orderly shutdown of the system.
WorkstationProvides network and communications support.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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