Replacing Foreground Images

Replacing foreground images with different ones in NVU is not greatly different from replacing links except that all of the updates are done via the properties dialog. We start therefore by right clicking on the filler image that is to be replaced and selecting Image properties from the context menu.

Image properties location tab

Simply select the image that you want to use in place of the one that came with the template. You should also enter some Alternate text to describe what the image is for so that those visitors who for whatever reason do not see the actual image have some information to tell them what the image was for (if it is not there for a specific purpose then it should be a background image rather than a foreground one). Alternate text should be considered to be mandatory, don't set up a foreground image without it. The Tooltip text is what you want to be displayed if your visitor moves their mouse over the image. While this text can be considered to be optional you need to be aware that Internet Explorer automatically copies the alternate text into the tooltip if separate tooltip text is not supplied.

You should always set up your images so that they are the same size as you intend to display them so the entry on the Dimensions tab should always be left at Actual Size. The Appearance tab should be ignored completely as the appearance of the image should be set via the stylesheet rather than appearing in the HTML. We will get to how to do that in a later tutorial.

If you want the image to act as a link to another page then the Link provides the same options for setting up the link as the Link Properties dialog that we looked at for text links contains.

Image properties link tab


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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