OS/2 Installation

  1. Installing on a large hard drive (>8Gb)
    How to install OS/2 on a drive over 8Gb.
  2. Installing an Adaptec 2940 Ultra SCSI card
    The supplied instructions miss a step on installing the card onto an existing setup.
  3. Installing Security
    How to set up your security measures on OS/2.
  4. Installing Fonts
    How to install additional fonts on OS/2.
  5. Resolving Problems with Extended Attributes
    How to fix extended attribute errors.
  6. Cancelling the Registration Reminders
    If you have to reinstall, you wont want to reregister, here's how to get rid of the reminders.
  7. Creating a Boot Disk
    How to create an OS/2 boot disk.
  8. Dual Booting OS/2
    Setting up OS/2 on a dual boot system.
  9. Memory Management
    "swapper.dat and sys1477 error resolution.
  10. Swapping Between Operating Systems
    The easiest way to swap to OS/2 when required.
  11. Boot from CD
    Configuring OS/2 to be able to boot it from a CD
  12. Running OS/2 on Windows 7
    You can run OS/2 in a VM on Windows 7 but not using the one built into Windows 7 itself.

If you have a different OS/2 Installation question please ask Felgall.

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