OS/2 Desktop

  1. Program Associations
    Setting individual file - program associations in OS/2
  2. Recovering Your System
    Fixing problems with OS/2.
  3. Two Stage Boot
    Setting up the boot process so you go first to the command prompt and then into the GUI when you are ready.
  4. Basic Multimedia
    An introduction to multimedia on OS/2.
  5. Adding Programs to the Right Click Menu
    Customize the OS/2 context menu.
  6. Scrolling a Background Window
    How to scroll a window that is in the background.
  7. Copying and Pasting Using the Mouse
    You don't need the keyboard to copy and paste in OS/2 you can do it entirely using the mouse.
  8. My OS/2.INI file is corrupted
    Fixing a corrupted OS/2 system.
  9. Accessing Other Computers
    Gaining access to shared drives and printers over the network from OS/2.
  10. The Boot Process
    Steps involved in booting an OS/2 operating system.
  11. Creating your own Desktop Scheme
    How to create your own desktop theme in OS/2.
  12. Work Area Folders
    What are work area folders and how do you create them
  13. Adding to Menus
    How to add your own entries to folder menus.

If you have a different question about the OS/2 desktop please ask Felgall.

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