OS/2 Command Line and Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Command Reference
    This page contains the full list of OS/2 commands.
  2. Recovering Your System
    Fixing problems with OS/2.
  3. Deleting Redundant OS/2 Desktops
    You can sometimes accumulate maintenance desktop definitions, here's how to get rid of them.
  4. Opening an 80 x 102 Command Window
    How to define your OS/2 command window to be as big as 80x102.
  5. Stacking Commands in OS/2
    How to enter multiple commands on one line and have them conditionally executed.
  6. Keyboard Shortcuts
    A list of all of the OS/2 keyboard shortcuts.
  7. Formatting Directory Listings
    OS/2 allows you to customize directory listings.
  8. Setting File Associations
    You can set up associations for multimedia related file extensions in OS/2.
  9. The Start Command
    Parameters you can use with the start command.
  10. OS/2 Associations
    OS/2 handles file associations differently from Windows.

If you have a different question about OS/2 commands please ask Felgall.

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