Other Operating Systems on OS/2

  1. Can OS/2 run programs written for other operating systems?
    Yes, you can run programs written for other operating systems on OS/2.
  2. Running Early Operating Systems under OS/2
    You can load early operating systems such as CP/M or DOS 1.0 on OS/2.
  3. Running Windows Programs in Separate Windows Sessions
    You can run all of your 16 bit windows programs in separate sessions on OS/2.
  4. Installing Windows Programs
    How to install windows programs on OS/2.
  5. DOS and Win-OS/2 Settings
    You can configure these settings separately for each DOS/Windows program.
  6. Introduction to REXX
    OS/2 comes with the REXX scripting language.
  7. Accessing HPFS from a DOS boot
    How to execute DOS programs from an HPFS partition by running DOS.
  8. Installing Another Operating System
    Adding another operating system to a computer with OS/2

If you have a different question about what will run under OS/2 please ask Felgall.

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