Linux Installation

  1. Where can I obtain a copy of Linux?
    There are lots of versions of Linux and many places you can download them or order them from.
  2. How to install windows/Linux Dual Boot
    Steps to install Linux as a second operating system on your computer.
  3. I Reinstalled Windows and it Wiped Out Linux!
    How to install windows without destroying Linux that is already installed.
  4. Linux Didn't Install Sound on my System
    How to manually install sound on some Linux systems.
  5. Installing RPM Packages
    How to install programs on Linux using Redhat Package Manager.
  6. Uninstalling Linux
    How to remove Linux from a dual boot system.
  7. Disk Partitions and Linux
    Primary and Extended Partitions in Linux.
  8. Dual Booting and Partitions
    Essential Linux partitions when dual booting.
  9. Getting Started with Linux
    The easy way to set up your Linux partitions.
  10. Linux and Wine
    Does running Windows programs on Linux make your system less secure?
  11. "Ubuntu Hacks"
    This O'Reilly book covers a lot of useful info on how to do things with this popular Linux distribution
  12. "Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks"
    This looks like the perfect book for anyone thinking about switching to Linux.
  13. "Ubuntu Kung Fu"
    300 tips on how to get more out of Ubuntu.

If you have a different Linux installation question please ask Felgall.

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