Linux Command Line

  1. Where are my A: and C: drives etc?
    What are the Linux equivalents of drive letters?
  2. Mount Points
    What are mount points and how to mount drives.
  3. Common Linux Commands
    A list of the most common linux commands.
  4. Network Configuration Report
    Using ifconfig to report on your network setup.
  5. Hidden Files
    How to hide files in Linux.
  6. Copying Part of a File
    Using the head and tail commands to copy part of a file.
  7. Editing System Files
    You can edit Linux system files with any text editor.
  8. Forgotten Root Password
    Accessing Linux when you have forgotten the root password.
  9. "The Linux Command Line"
    This book teaches all the commands available as well as the built in scripting language.

If you have a different Linux command question please ask Felgall.

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